Latest news and dream11 predictions for the match between MT v ME

MT will face against ME on April 16, 21.
Batting: Craig Ervine, Brian Chari, and Bright Phiri are the leading batmans for the team MT. For ME, Chamu Chibhabha, Tinashe Kamunhukamwe, and Elton Chigumbura will lead their batting department
Bowling: Thabo Mboyi, Ainsley Ndlovu, and Tanatswa Bechani are the top-performing bowlers from the team MT. For ME, Tapiwa Mufudza, Tanaka Chivanga, and Richard Ngarava will lead the bowling department
All-rounders: Sean Williams, Luke Jongwe, and Milton Shumba are the most probable all-rounders from MT. For ME, Wesley Madhevere, Brad Evans, and Faraz Akram are the all-rounders
Wicket keepers: Clive Madande and Alvin Chiradza are probable players for the role of wicketkeeper for MT. Regis Chakabva and are the wicket keepers for the opposite team

MT v ME | Player ranking

  1. MT 182pts Ainsley Ndlovu BOWL
  2. MT 173pts Sean Williams ALL
  3. ME 123pts Wesley Madhevere ALL
  4. MT 88pts Craig Ervine BAT
  5. ME 62pts Tanaka Chivanga BOWL
  6. ME 54pts Gareth Chirawu BAT
  7. MT 45pts Milton Shumba ALL
  8. MT 39pts Thabo Mboyi BOWL
  9. ME 39pts Rodney Mupfudza BOWL
  10. MT 37pts Brian Chari BAT
  11. ME 31pts Richard Ngarava BOWL
  12. MT 29pts Charlton Tshuma BOWL
  13. ME 18pts Elton Chigumbura BAT
  14. MT 17pts Clive Madande WK
  15. ME 13pts Tinashe Nenhunzi BAT
  16. ME 12pts Tapiwa Mufudza BOWL
  17. ME 10pts Chamu Chibhabha BAT
  18. MT 8pts Luke Jongwe ALL
  19. ME 4pts Daniel Jakiel BOWL
  20. MT 4pts Tanatswa Bechani BOWL
  21. ME 2pts Brad Evans ALL
  22. MT 2pts Bright Phiri BAT

Match Details

  • League : Zimbabwe T20
  • Date : April 16, 21
  • Teams : MT , ME

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MT v ME Squad list


  1. BATCraig Ervine 98% selected 10cr.
  2. ALLSean Williams 93% selected 9cr.
  3. BATBrian Chari 92% selected 9cr.
  4. BOWLThabo Mboyi 89% selected 8cr.
  5. BOWLAinsley Ndlovu 89% selected 8.5cr.
  6. ALLLuke Jongwe 88% selected 9.5cr.
  7. BATBright Phiri 65% selected 8cr.
  8. BOWLTanatswa Bechani 8% selected 8cr.
  9. BOWLCharlton Tshuma 6% selected 8.5cr.
  10. ALLMilton Shumba 5% selected 9.5cr.
  11. WKClive Madande 4% selected 8cr.
  12. BOWLErnest Masuku 3% selected 8.5cr.
  13. WKAlvin Chiradza 2% selected 8cr.
  14. BATSimbarashe Haukozi 1% selected 8.5cr.
  15. BOWLTalent Dzikiti 1% selected 8cr.


  1. WKRegis Chakabva 99% selected 9.5cr.
  2. ALLWesley Madhevere 95% selected 10cr.
  3. BATChamu Chibhabha 94% selected 9.5cr.
  4. BOWLTapiwa Mufudza 92% selected 8.5cr.
  5. BATTinashe Kamunhukamwe 20% selected 9.5cr.
  6. BATElton Chigumbura 14% selected 8.5cr.
  7. BOWLTanaka Chivanga 14% selected 8.5cr.
  8. BOWLRichard Ngarava 9% selected 8cr.
  9. BOWLDaniel Jakiel 9% selected 8.5cr.
  10. ALLBrad Evans 4% selected 9cr.
  11. BATTinashe Nenhunzi 3% selected 8.5cr.
  12. BOWLRodney Mupfudza 1% selected 8cr.
  13. ALLFaraz Akram 1% selected 8.5cr.
  14. BATGareth Chirawu 1% selected 8cr.