Everyone has dreamed at least once in their life that they were famous, whether for an incredible talent or for the luxurious lifestyle. But fame is far from just fortune. While some celebrities can successfully hide themselves from public view, and others might even enjoy it, there are plenty of stars who have spoken passionately about the twisted reality of everyone knowing your name, from the invasions of privacy to the complete inability to function as a normal human being. Bella Thorne is one of many of the current generation of stars who got their start on the Disney Channel. She starred in the show 'Shake It Up' opposite Zendaya between 2010 and 2013 when she was in her early teens. In a recent interview with Emily Ratajkowski on her 'High Low With EmRata' podcast, Thorne recalled the media frenzy that exploded when she was spotted wearing a bikini at the beach. "I almost got fired off the Disney Channel because I was 14, and I wore a two-piece on the beach,” she told Ratajkowski. "There was a fan, they got a photo of me on the beach. I almost got fired. It was all over the media, it was literally viral at that time. It was, ‘How dare this little girl do this? This is so disgusting.'” Thorne explained that she was seen as too sexual for the Disney Channel, who was put under pressure to fire her as a result. Ultimately she kept her job but was told only to go to the beach in baggy t-shirts and shorts from then on. Thorne recalled another incident that occurred after an audition years earlier when she was just 10 years of age. "The casting director calls my agent and the agent calls my mom, and they’re like, ‘So she’s not moving forward because the director felt like she was flirting with him, and it made him really uncomfortable.'" Looking back, Thorne was shocked and disgusted that an adult man would ever interpret a child's behavior that way, no matter what she said or did.